What can I do to make this bone heal faster?

A broken bone is not only physically tough, but it’s also mentally tough. Losing your mobility, the ability to perform basic tasks and the increased boredom can be very frustrating and might make you wonder what you can do to make your bone heal faster.But when dealing with the inconvenience of a broken bone, the reality is that the fastest way to heal a broken bone is to closely follow the instructions your doctor gives you. Rather than searching for ways to heal even faster, I recommend understanding how bones heal and knowing which behaviors help speed the healing process along so that you don’t inadvertently slow it down instead.

Broken bones have an amazing ability to heal, most fractures heal in 6-8 weeks. Healing in children can take considerably less time than healing in older adults or adults with an underlying health condition.As stated in the last post, following the instructions your doctor gives you is the best choice. Here are three instructions your doctor might give you:☑️Take your immobilization orders seriously: Improperly immobilizing a broken bone can absolutely slow bone healing. If your doctor’s orders were no weight bearing for two weeks, stay off the bone completely. Even if lightly bearing weight doesn’t cause pain, it can place unnecessary stress on the fragile, healing fracture site.☑️Focus on your diet: So much of the bone healing process is dependent on the biology surrounding the fracture site. A lot goes into promoting healing and laying new bone, and eating a healthy diet ensures your body has the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to support the biology of bone healing.☑️Don’t smoke: Smoking is always unhealthy, but, while nursing a broken bone, it becomes an added detriment to your health.To read more of my interview on How To Heal Bones Faster on the Houston Methodist website, click http://bit.ly/3ua8J


Ashvin Dewan

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