Meet Skylar!

Skylar is ready to enjoy her first pain free spring break in years! But getting to this point was not easy!

Skylar was competitive in track and field. Unfortunately, she suffered a severe proximal hamstring avulsion as pictured in the Xray, in a pole vaulting accident. The extent of her avulsion was not appreciated until much later. For months she endured pain and tried physical therapy, medication, and limited activity. She was devastated by her inability to play sports and exercise.

Seeking help, she drove over 5 hours to us to find a solution. When we first visited with Skylar, given the chronic nature of her avulsion, and concern for scarring with the adjacent sciatic nerve, we were very reluctant to jump to a surgical solution. But after extensive consultation and discussion, it was clear Skylar was determined to get back her active lifestyle. We elected to move forward with the repair of her avulsion and neurolysis of her sciatic nerve.

Fast forward 6 months and we are thrilled to report that Skylar feels like herself again! She no longer has pain while sitting, and can run, jump, dance, and yes pole vault again. We are so happy for her and are grateful for the faith and confidence she placed in our team.

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