Meet Mr. and Mrs. White!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. White! I met them one fateful evening 3 years ago after Mrs. White tripped over a door frame at home. She was not prepared for what would happen next. Unable to walk and in excruciating pain, she struggled to get help with her husband out. Eventually, her husband returned and found her in agony on the floor. They called an ambulance and in the hospital, she was informed her hip was shattered. Incidentally, I was on call that evening. Mrs. White can’t remember much after learning she needed surgery. We took her that night to the operating room and replaced her hip (model held in her left hand). Fast forward, 3 years later, and she comes to visit annually to share her appreciation for getting her back on her feet. Thanks, Mrs. White for reminding us about the privilege and honor it is to help folks return to fruitful lives!

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