Meet Arthur!

Arthur has arrived! After 4 months of nursing his shoulder back to health, he is ready to take the field as a receiver at Texas Weslyan University. Arthur had the misfortune of tearing his labrum in his senior year of high school while working out in the weight room. He tried to play through the pain, but it’s not easy to grab footballs out of the air when your shoulder is lacking a competent labrum. We performed a minimally invasive arthroscopic labral repair. Within 6 weeks after surgery Arthur recovered his range of motion and strength. Although he met all my clinical criteria for returning to sport, given that it ordinarily takes 3 months to recover from this surgery, I did not have the courage to let him go back so soon. He patiently awaited his moment, and earlier this month, we finally cleared him for full activity with no restrictions! We wish Arthur all the best, as he starts a new chapter next season in college.

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